Brasov Experience | Brasov ExperienceFor the most part, 2017 was a significant year, because I had the chance to travel and discover new people in Romania. I’m not a sedentary person (my opinion), however in the past months, I had the chance to travel for work, which means I got to work with amazing people.

This March I had the first chance to travel and work with another marketing team in Brasov, at Pentalog. Because it was spring the weather is not that nice (for me) and my first impression was a little “mehh” about the Brasov City. I don’t like the rain, the fog and the cold weather. And yeah, that week I tested all the weather stages and it was no fun when you have more t-shirts and no jacket in your bags. Maybe it’s funny but the first impression about the city was not so good.

On the other plan, the marketing team from Brasov it’s very nice, friendly and supportive. L.P. is one of the best collegue from Pentalog and that’s the reason for my travel in this city. Is like wonder woman and she like to create the perfect things for us and the team. She has a rigorous style and sometimes is a real stress for me, but life goes on.

Returning to Brasov experience, still of the first time the team surprised me with a very nice ambient and amability, fact that is a good reason to be happy and to want to come back. And yeah it’s true because this year I returned many times in Brasov to work with the marketing team from Pentalog. The main focus of the work at Brasov was about Digital Strategy, SEO, SEA Techniques, optimization and integration content.

With every visit in this city I discovered more and more things and I learned about the beautiful parts of this town. In the summer period the atmosphere was great. The number of people has a increased but for me this thing it’s not a problem. At the terrace with my colleagues I saw the Tampa, I discussed more and I visited a part of the old and the new city.

The conclusion after the 4 visits (I think so) is that Brasov is a nice city with a lot of perspective in a tourism area and probably in more others activities (but probably not enough).

Now, is September and after two weeks I’m going to travel again to Brasov. At this time for pleasure, with my lovely wife. Probably will be fun (I guess she will like to see the mountain view).

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